Union of journalists and Akava special branches strike collective agreement in the AV sector

In a historic move, a collective agreement for audiovisual translation agencies has been approved in Finland. Negotiated by the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters (SKTL) and the Union of Journalists in Finland on the unions side, and Saga Vera Oy, Pre-Text Oy, Movision Ky and the Rosmer International cooperative on the employers side, the […]

Court of Brussels rules that Uber driver is self-employed

In December 2022, the Brussels labour court ruled in favour of Uber in a case filed by an Uber driver against the digital labour platform on the classification of  the worker as employee. The ruling stated that "Uber had no hierarchical control over the driver, that he was free to organize his own work".

Uber recognises collective dismissal and pays severance to more than 4000 workers

On 13 December 2022, Uber agreed to settle with the Spanish Unions CCOO and UGT and to recognise the collective dismissal of 4.404 workers for its food delivery division, Portier Eats. Uber dismissed these workers in August 2021, after the entry into force of the Spanish “ley riders” (riders’ law). Considering this as a mass […]

Court of Pamplona reclassifies 206 Glovo riders as employees

The judgment of the Social Court No. 1 of Pamplona has ruled that between the digital labour platform Glovo and its delivery riders there is an employment relationship, and that they are not merely self-employed, as stated by the company. The lawsuit was filed by 206 Glovo delivery workers and the trade union confederation CCOO. […]

Konfederacja Pracy organises platform workers in Poland

In October 2022, a trade union of digital labour platform workers has been established in Poland for the first time. Thanks to the commitment of Konfederacja Pracy (Confederation of Labour), a member organisation of OPZZ, workers in (a food delivery platform similar to Uber eats) established the first trade union organisation in this sector […]

The rider is a subordinate worker: Milan’s Labour Court orders Glovo to reintegrate him

On 29 November 2022, with a first instance decision, Milan’s Labour Court ordered Glovo to reintegrate a rider that had been disconnected and to give him an employment contract. The decision of the Court was based on the Italian Jobs Act (art. 2 of the legislative decree 81/2015). The Jobs Act states that collaborators who […]

Court of Bologna reclassifies Deliveroo rider as employee

On 25 February, the Labour Court of Bologna ruled that Stefano Mancuso (rider for Deliveroo and, later, Just Eat) is an employee of Deliveroo. The rider decided to go to Court when his account was deactivated after he refused to sign the Assodelivery-UGL agreement (that was later declared illegal by the Court of Bologna). The […]

The Paris Court of Appeal condemns Deliveroo for concealed work

On July 6th 2022, the Deliveroo platform, which had so far obtained two favourable rulings in second instance (in 2017 and in 2021), was for the first time condemned for "concealed work" by the Paris Court of Appeal, which confirmed the requalification of a courier's service provision contract as an employment contract. The judges also […]

Collective agreement Just Eat

In late 2021, the Spanish trade union confederations CCOO and UGT and the digital labour platform Just Eat signed the first collective agreement for such companies in Spain.The agreement has been assessed very positively by the Spanish trade union confederations and it provides for many advancements in rights, with basic monthly salary of 1.269,33 €, […]

France : According to the criminal chamber of the French Court of Cassation, the offence of concealed work is not constituted for Click and Walk contributors

On 5 April 2022, the Criminal Division of the Court of Cassation overturned the decision of the Douai Court of Appeal of 10 February 2020, which had held that the company should have declared its contributors as employees. The Court considers that the company does not have the power, during the execution of the assignment, […]
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