Uber recognises collective dismissal and pays severance to more than 4000 workers

On 13 December 2022, Uber agreed to settle with the Spanish Unions CCOO and UGT and to recognise the collective dismissal of 4.404 workers for its food delivery division, Portier Eats. Uber dismissed these workers in August 2021, after the entry into force of the Spanish “ley riders” (riders’ law). Considering this as a mass lay-off, Spanish Unions went to court to challenge it, but the Spanish High Court initially dismissed their claim. The Supreme Court overturned the decision and mandated a retrial. On 13 December 2022, Uber agreed instead to settle. It has now recognised the collective dismissal and will pay each workers the equivalent of 45 work-days per year worked with the company. Spanish Unions consider this a historic decision, as it is the first time that a collective dismissal has been recognised in the sector of platform delivery work.

Digital Platform Observatory

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