Justice4Couriers is a campaign to improve the working conditions of couriers and drivers working for platform companies in Finland. The campaign was launched in 2018 after Foodora unilaterally cut the pay of its already precarious couriers. It was initiated by Foodora’s workers together with Vapaa Syndikaatti – a free syndicate of anarchic views – and […]

La Pajara

La Pajara is part of the Coopcycle federation. It was initiated at the beginning of 2018, after the movement and protests against Deliveroo. The project was planned with Coopcycle. Finally, in October 2018 La Pajara started working with its first collaboration projects and customers. Now, two people are working full time and two other people […]

La Poit'à vélo

La Poit’ à vélo fait partie de la fédération Coopcycle. Elle doit rejoindre la Coopérative d’Activité et d’Emploi Aceascop. C’est la solution trouvée par deux réparateurs de vélos issus des ateliers associatifs et participatifs d’auto-réparation de vélo pour combler le manque de mobilité de leurs travails. Il s’agit aussi de prouver que des alternatives douces […]

Les Coursiers Bordelais

Les Coursiers Bordelais is a bike delivery cooperative. It was created in November 2017 by three couriers who wanted to create an ethical alternative to the delivery platforms they worked for. The couriers were able to be employees of the cooperative after one year. Five couriers work for the cooperative. Coursiers Bordelais is part of […]

Les Coursiers Nantais

La coopérative Les Coursiers Nantais fait partie de la fédération CoopCycle. Elle propose une alternative crédible d’une part aux services de livraison polluants et encombrants qui doivent être autant que possibles bannis des centres villes et d’autre part aux modèles de livraison via plates-formes numériques et autoentrepreneurs « uberisés » qui précarisent le métier de […]

Mladi Plus

Mladi Plus was founded in Slovenia in 2011 and it represents students, pupils, unemployed youth and young precarious workers (under 35 years of age). It also deals with issues related to short-term contracts and student work. Slovenia has a strong legislation defending workers’ rights, safeguarding the status of employed workers and preventing employers from abusing […]

Neighborhood development committee Stains

The Stains neighbourhood commitee is part of the Coopcycle cooperative federation. It is an integration structure in the north of Seine-Saint-Denis, near to Paris, intervening in several areas (cleaning, roads-green spaces, buildings, cycling). In parallel with these commercial activities, the neighbourhood authority strengthens social link, the participation of residents and the associative dynamic via social […]


CGIL launched its NIdiL (Nuove Identità di Lavoro – New work identities) section in 1998 to ensure representation and protection for atypical workers. It now represents several categories of atypical workers, such as temporary workers, collaborators, the self-employed and the unemployed. NIdiL is engaged to prevent the abuse of self-employed work relations. When the classification […]


Olvo is a cycling cooperative of the Coopcycle federation. Olvo was created in Paris in 2016 by Leeroyd Levi and Lucile Mercier, convinced that teamwork is necessary for quality deliveries and that it is possible to replace vans with cargo bikes in the city. The team offers cyclo-logistics services in Paris and its suburbs: delivery […]

Plateformes en Communs

« Plateformes en Communs » is a learning community of platforms coops, who share the following principles in their models : Inclusive governance of their stakeholders Fair sharing of the value generated by the interactions Data ethics Fair working conditions for the involved workers Inter-cooperation among platform coops These principles are shared in the charter of the […]
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Digital Platform Observatory

The digital platform observatory is a joint initiative of ETUC, IRES and ASTREES, funded by the European Commission. It brings together trade unionists, experts, activists, specialists of workers representation and collective action in the  platform economy.