Mladi Plus

Mladi Plus
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Mladi Plus was founded in Slovenia in 2011 and it represents students, pupils, unemployed youth and young precarious workers (under 35 years of age). It also deals with issues related to short-term contracts and student work. Slovenia has a strong legislation defending workers’ rights, safeguarding the status of employed workers and preventing employers from abusing of atypical work contracts, but due to insufficient work of labour inspection, in practice this law is often violated.. Mladi Plus’ action in defence of workers’ rights is therefore based on ensuring that Slovenian law is enforced. In this framework, a couple of years ago, in cooperation with other Slovenian trade unions including the taxi drivers’ one, Mladi Plus was able to prevent Uber from entering the country, by arguing that law could not be changed in favour of one company. Food delivery platforms such as Wolt have entered the Slovenian market only recently. They are recruiting young workers with special student work agreements and self-employed workers. Mladi Plus action against these platforms focuses on the recognition of couriers’ status as employed workers and on the demand that Slovenian laws are respected.

Digital Platform Observatory

The digital platform observatory is a joint initiative of ETUC, IRES and ASTREES, funded by the European Commission. It brings together trade unionists, experts, activists, specialists of workers representation and collective action in the  platform economy.