Foodora’s workers, Vapaa Syndikaatti, Vastavoima
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Justice4Couriers is a campaign to improve the working conditions of couriers and drivers working for platform companies in Finland.
The campaign was launched in 2018 after Foodora unilaterally cut the pay of its already precarious couriers. It was initiated by Foodora’s workers together with Vapaa Syndikaatti – a free syndicate of anarchic views – and Vastavoima – an association of activists in defence of workers’ rights in Finland. Couriers employed by Wolt, another food delivery platform in Finland, soon joined the initiative.
Justice4Couriers’ main aims are to improve platform workers’ conditions, including paid insurance, sick leave, pensions and vehicle maintenance.
Justice4Couriers achieves its objectives by negotiating with platforms. It now meets regularly in Helsinki in order to organise workers representation in negotiations.

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The digital platform observatory is a joint initiative of ETUC, IRES and ASTREES, funded by the European Commission. It brings together trade unionists, experts, activists, specialists of workers representation and collective action in the  platform economy.