YouTubers Union and IG Metall "FairTube" Campaign

The Youtubers Union, IG Metall
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YouTubers Union led by a Berlin-based YouTuber   has joined forces with IG Metall to ask YouTube to improve transparency and communication around monetization and views of videos.
YouTubers Union and IG Metall launched the formal campaign  FairTube. They are collectively protesting YouTube’s 2017 changes in its advertising rules, elaborating proposals for improved communication, fairness, and transparency, and establishing discussions with YouTube.

The proposals of Fairtube :
• Publish all categories and decision criteria that affect monetization and views of videos
• Give clear explanations for individual decisions — for example, if a video is demonetized, which parts of the video violated which criteria in the Advertiser-Friendly Content Guidelines?
• Give YouTubers a human contact person who is qualified and authorized to explain decisions that have negative consequences for YouTubers (and fix them if they are mistaken)
• Let YouTubers contest decisions that have negative consequences
• Create an independent mediation board for resolving disputes (here the Ombuds Office of the Crowdsourcing Code of Conduct can offer relevant lessons)
• Formal participation of YouTubers in important decisions, for example through a YouTuber Advisory Board

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