Syndicom and Mila Code of Conduct

Monbijoustrasse 33, 3001 Bern, Suisse
Syndicom and Mila
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Syndicom, the Swiss trade union for media and communication sectors, and Mila, a platform providing repair and tech services, signed a code of conduct in February 2019. It is the first such code in Switzerland. The code of conduct includes 8 principles aimed at creating trust and fairness in relations between the platform and the workers. These principles are: Legality of projects; Clarification of the legal position; Motivating and good work; Respectful dealings with others (which includes the right to collective representation and bargaining); clear definition of tasks and reasonable scheduling; Freedom and flexibility; constructive feedback and open communication; data protection and privacy. So far, the code of conduct has been successful in ensuring that regular exchanges take place among social partners. While at the beginning of 2020 Mila’s code of conduct is still the only initiative of this kind in Switzerland, other platforms may follow the example and are undertaking discussions with Syndicom.

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