CourCyclette is a “third place” located in Val-de-Marne, near to Paris. CourCyclette is member of the Cooperative Federation Coopcycle. CourCyclette is working on a citizen project to effectively install the ecological transition at the confluence of the Marne and Seine rivers. It deploys activities in the field of transport (by bike) and food (in short circuits and zero waste) offering a real social and ecological alternative, by relying on collective creation and social links with the aim of fighting against waste in all its forms. CourCyclette is deploying the Cooperatives for Low-Emission Logistics Initiatives project in the Val de Marne (CILFÉ). This is a network of bicycle transport made up of several logistics antennas, each 3-5 km apart, interconnected using the Coopcycle digital application. Food transport (collective catering, markets), circular economy, cultural logistics, bicycle transport, urban agriculture… CourCyclette specialises in high added value deliveries: social utility of the products delivered, large quantities and volumes.

Digital Platform Observatory

The digital platform observatory is a joint initiative of ETUC, IRES and ASTREES, funded by the European Commission. It brings together trade unionists, experts, activists, specialists of workers representation and collective action in the  platform economy.