Riders Union Bologna

Riders Union Bologna
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Riders Union Bologna is a group of riders and social activists working in Bologna to tackle precariousness and the lack of protections in the gig economy. Riders Union Bologna organises meetings and strikes. Some of the most successful actions, both in terms of participation and press coverage, took place on days with extreme weather conditions, when some of the platforms operating in Bologna refused to suspend deliveries at the expenses of workers safety. In at least one of these occasions, participation in the strike was so high that platforms were forced to interrupt services. In April 2018, Riders Union Bologna hosted the first National Riders Assembly. The event included exchanges and mutual learning sessions at national and European level. In May 2018, Riders Union Bologna, the Municipality of Bologna, and the platforms Sgnam and  Mymenu – followed later by Domino’s Pizza – signed the “Charter of fundamental rights of digital labour in the urban context. The process was facilitated and supported by the Italian trade unions, with whom Riders Union Bologna is now in touch. Riders Union Bologna keeps monitoring the charter and denouncing cases of non-compliance.

Digital Platform Observatory

The digital platform observatory is a joint initiative of ETUC, IRES and ASTREES, funded by the European Commission. It brings together trade unionists, experts, activists, specialists of workers representation and collective action in the  platform economy.