HK – Voocali Agreement

HK Privat and Voocali
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On 30 September 2018, the Danish Union HK Privat, representing clerical workers and workers in retail and in related industries, signed a collective agreement with Voocali, a platform providing translation services. The agreement, aimed at ensuring fair wages and good working conditions, was achieved after a five-month negotiation. The main difficulties met in the process mainly concerned the fact that the platform did not see itself as an employer. The agreement applies to all work performed on Voocali’s platform, or at a user’s premises, as long as it is not covered by the collective agreement for salaried employees in trade, knowledge and service. The fact that the agreement applies to all work performed also allows it to bypass problems related to the classification of new forms of contracts. The agreement is composed of four elements, that are a declaration on the basis for entering the agreement, the agreement itself, an appendix on tariffs and a model contract. On wages in particular, the agreement set tariffs based on those by the Danish Ministry for Justice. It foresees annual wage adjustments, and ensures that freelance interpreters are allowed to raise their prices.

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