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Kampmannsgade 4, 1790 København, Denmark
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The initiative started with a landmark one-year trial agreement between the Danish Union 3F and Hilfr, a Danish platform offering house cleaning services. At the signing of the agreement, Hilfr counted about 450 workers and 1,700 customers.
The trial agreement covered pensions and sickness benefits, holiday pay and collectively agreed wages.
When starting their cooperation with the platform, domestic cleaners (or “Hilfrs” in the platform language) invariably have a self-employed status. Under the agreement, after 100 hours of work for the platform, they automatically acquire an employee status - and become Super-Hilfrs - unless they explicitly request to opt out.
Following the end of the trial period, the agreement has been constantly renewed month by month. At the same time, 3F carried out a research on a focus group of Hilfr employees. The study provided interesting results on the dynamics of platform work, which in turn led to launch the negotiation of a new, improved agreement. In Spring 2020 negotiations with the Confederation of Danish Industry (CDI), of which Hilfr is a member, were still ongoing.

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