Idea Diffusa

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Idea Diffusa is an online collaborative platform developed by CGIL and involving CGIL representatives, as well as representatives from the academia and managers who cooperate with CGIL and deal with the topic of the digitalisation of work. Idea Diffusa supports the sharing of knowledge and best practices among its members and is a tool in support of collective bargaining in the light of digitalisation. Ultimately, it aims at developing tools to interpret and analyse the digitalisation process and at establishing trade unions as actors at the helm of the digitalisation process at a broad scale. To achieve these objectives, the platform is structured around different sections, including a shared archive, a space for debate/chat, access to other members profiles, a shared agenda, a newsfeed, and a monthly web magazine accessible to the public.

Digital Platform Observatory

The digital platform observatory is a joint initiative of ETUC, IRES and ASTREES, funded by the European Commission. It brings together trade unionists, experts, activists, specialists of workers representation and collective action in the  platform economy.